Rane DJ is Sold …. It’s not such a bad thing!


Ok….Your still in shock! Rane has been sold to InMusic for an undisclosed amount of money or stock. Rane, if you are not aware makes awesome audio equipment in particular DJ/Club mixers. The pure turntablist is in a state of shock thinking the brand they love is gone like Vestax, another DJ favorite. Not quite, InMusic has been buying up audio hardware and software companies for the past few years and have an impressive portfolio.

InMusic Brands 

Air Music Technology – Software VST Instruments

Akai Professional – MPC Drumpads, Midi Controllers, Midi Keyboards

Alesis – Live Recording, Drum machines, Midi Controllers

Alto Professional – PA Sound, Power Amps

Denon DJ – DJ Controllers, DJ Turntables

Denon Professional – Professional Installations Audio and Video Equipment

ION– Consumer audio products

Marantz Professional – Studio Equipment

M-Audio – USB Audio and Midi Interfaces, Controllers, Keyboards

MixMeister – Arrangement based DJ Software

Numark – DJ Controllers, Turntables, Mixers and Monitors

Sonivox – Virtual instruments and Samples

Marq – Club/Mobile DJ lighting

Rane – DJ Mixers and Club Install Equipment


So as you can see by the list InMusic has an enormous amount of companies that specialize in audio and adding Rane will be no different. It actually makes a good fit to tell you the truth.

Firstly, Rane was not taken over, it was sold because the original founders have decided to retire after overseeing every detail for the last 35 years (founded in 1981). The original founders being that meticulous about details are not just going to sell a company that was built from the ground up without some consideration of brand succession. Rane DJ mixers have been the standard in clubs for decades (Rane MP24) and Turntablists of late have fortified Rane’s 12inch mixers (TTM’s) to legendary status. That being said InMusic have a few brands in its stable that command respect as well.


Akai for instance, HipHop and Electronic producers can relate to the importance of the MPC2000 and S2000 samplers. Music would not be the same today without them and today Akai still makes great dependable products. InMusic is not like Microsoft in that it doesn’t buy a company just absorb it. InMusic wants to build on brand recognition.

The Numark brand has an important spot in DJing history – some may give them the skank face but history is on Numark’s side. Numark released mixers that was affordable to the DJ’s in the Late 70’s and Early 80’s fueling the Disco era. Not everyone could afford a Urei rotary! Then came the 1775 from Numark with built in sampling…..Epic DJ moment! Today they still produce an affordable product that is often that starting point for many DJ careers



Denon has been at the forefront of professional DJ products for decades as well…actually for a century (founded 1910). Denon has created firsts for a lot of product categories. Most notedly for DJ’s was in 1992, the release of the DN-2000F dual cd player that started the CD Digital DJ revolution. They perfected the direct drive media players – my own personally units – DN -S3700. And today the MCX8000 is a beast of a controller that is far superior than anything on the market today(July 2016).


So as you can see InMusic is a company that has a lot of history in its stable and it should, the founder of InMusic – Jack O’Donnell was the Head of Sales for Stanton Magnetics (who can forget the legendary Stanton 680el stylus – still my choice). In 1991 Jack O’Donnell purchased Numark and helped innovate what we see today in the DJ world. So how does Rane fit into this? Rane ia a classic DJ company as opposed to Pioneer which is relatively a newbie. They have a cult like following as does Akai, Denon and to some degree Numark. InMusic brands all have a certain synergy that seem to pass on from one company to the other to make that product even better …Take the latest marque product the MCX8000 – Denon tank like build, Numark Technology and Marketing, M-Audio USB audio interface, Akai MPC tactical pads. As you can see technologies are being shared to enhance products and Rane will be no different. It will remain a premium brand as will Denon and Numark will be geared towards entry level but the technology and development will be enhanced on Rane products.


The Elephant in the room remains Serato ….as if you didn’t know all InMusic DJ brands use Serato for most of their controllers or mixers. My bet would be that the next purchase for InMusic will be Serato as Native Instruments have backed themselves up into a corner and Pioneer have flipped the bird to everyone else with rekordbox. So can the obvious can be that apparent?

Rane is in good hands as a brand, unfortunately the employees at Head Office will be out of a job but judging by the family feeling at Rane, the wealth hopefully be shared around just a little bit. And as for future Rane products there is a mixer gap at InMusic that Rane instantly filled and that is that Denon has no mixers in their lineup. Perhaps Denon will go head to head with Pioneer on players and controllers and Rane will battle Pioneer on mixers. Full circle back to their roots. Stack that up with Numark handling the entry level/home use DJ. Now add Serato in the mix for the library management….. You see where this is going?




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