Allen & Heath Xone:43C Mixer …. Top of the Short List

Spring is in the air, Ibiza is warming up for the club season and Allen and Heath have been very busy this past winter. On the heals of the release of the all analogue 4 channel mixer Xone:43, A&H have released another mixer at Musikmesse 2015 called the Xone:43C. Following the same lines as the Xone:23 and Xone:23C offering  one mixer without a built-in sound card and one with a sound card hence the “C” for card.

 Allen and Heath are very mindful of whats happening in the DJ world today. With some DJ’s wanting a more traditional feel of feel of vinyl and the others not satisfied with the mixers supplied with the all-in-one controllers on the market today. A&H is filling that niche of a modular setup with mixers for everyone and the latest offering is no different.


The Xone:43C is a 4 channel mixer with a digital sound card built-in. So out of the box you’ll have 4 decks available in most standard DJ software programs. Having tested Serato 1.7.4 in beta form and as of today(4/13/2015) Serato is releasing the official version to download. Serato 1.7.4  works with this mixer out of the box with no setup required. Traktor on the other hand needs just a small tweek to get the mixer setup. The mixer has the looks of the all the new A&H mixer with the industrial black look with orange accents. They look mean and they sound mean. The Xone:43C has the legendary Xone filter system with options of HPF,LPF and BPF along Resonance to create a sound that is unmistaken. Unlike the thin and weak sound of the Pioneer mixers or the uber flat sound of the software filters on Traktor of SeratoDJ. The filters on the Xone mixers breathe life into a mix , with a warmth like no other. It also has an external FX wet/dry on each channel which can be routed through the filter for an extreme added expression. So whether you’re routing the FX from Traktor, Ableton or an external effects unit all 4 channel can have FX added to it at once. Nice! I would think that Allen and Heath will come out with an external effects unit sometime later this year to support these mixers. Being a DB2 user I can tell you that Allen and Heath has the best effects on the DB series than any other mixer period. To bring those effects into an external unit would be mind-blowing for some. The mixer is also what is called a 4+1 = basically 4 channels plus a mic/line channel. I happen to use mine for an adding a TB3 or Analogue synth/Drum machine.

What I love about a true mixer is the solid build that resonates quality from the chassis to the faders and the Xone:43C is resonating big time! Can you say airplane aluminum? Yes, light but built like a tank. The crossfader is replaceable with an Innofader, so turntablists should be delighted to get their crab scratch on.It also has a 3 option fader curve selection to boot.

The cue section has both 1/4 and 1/8 sockets for headphones and with more and more DJ’s using in-ear monitors, a proper split cue function is onboard as it should be. A 9 segment led monitoring strip is available on all channels as well as the master strip being able to monitor master/cue levels. The EQ’s have total kills (aka ISO) for an added mix refinement which again Allen and Heath have dialed into the right frequencies on each of the H/M/L to give it that Xone sound.

I must say that being Serato compatible makes things very easy to sway to a DVS system with this mixer. The Xone:43C should compete nicely against the Pioneer DJM850. And lets face it the FX on the 850 are not really something one can call creative(they suck). As said before the FX on the DB2/4 are legendary and it will be nice to see an external unit available from A&H. So that being said the Xone:43C is a mixer that is directed at all DJ’s whether you are a Bedroom DJ, Mobile or Club installation. This mixer can do it all!


 Mixing Bliss= Xone43C

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