It’s Official…Traktor Kontrol D2


Yes, NI has Official released details about the new Kontrol D2 as well as the new 4 track (stem) audio format. And let me be the first to say NI has left the reserve. They have officially lost there way! Firstly, the price…WTF!  $499 US each. Numark  and Pioneer have smiles on their face ear to ear. The Numark NV looks pretty damn good right now @ $699. The Pioneer XDJ1000 looks even more appetizing @ $999 with rumours of small price drop will kill this thing. img-ce-gallery-traktor_kontrol_d2_01_intro_gallery_1-f6186570468ae6ec589ee6bb90a0178e-d

Secondly, who wants a new audio format? 4 stems per track to remix with? Have they ever heard of sample packs and EQ’s? I thought that’s what remix decks were for…to tear tracks apart and remix with an F1 ? I’ve been doing it all wrong I needed to wait for NI to sell me their New Audio Format.



TRAKTOR KONTROL D2 is the first Stems-ready deck. The four touch-sensitive performance faders and knobs instantly correspond to each stem part, ready for mixing, EQing, or adding effects to individual elements. The display immediately switches to the Stem View when a Stem file* is loaded onto a deck.



I have been a supporter for Traktor software for years, then they realeased the S2/S4. They were cheaply made and overpriced! The X1 and F1 and even the Z1 were priced perfectly and then some idiot at NI decided to try and own the DJ world coming out with the Z2 to compete against Pioneer and Allen & Heath? The S8 was another Idiot box….should not be priced more than $799. And now the D2, a single unit for $499. Question for NI does D2 stand for Dumber and Dumber?


My friends, we are witnessing the implosion of a respectable company. The next move will undoubtedly be that no third party controllers be allowed to be mapped to Traktor 3. Has anyone midi mapped the S8 yet? Proprietary NHL codes! D2 has them also. Yet on the other hand Serato is opening up to the entire DJ community especially with Serato DJ 1.7.4. It has support for Pioneer 850/900 mixers and my personal favs Allen & Heath DB2/4 which means DVS out of the box. No extra audio cards (Traktor A10 needed)! Hook up the 1’s and 2’s and your cuttin’ like DJ Jazzy Jeff!

Why can you do that with Trakor you ask? Because they are a greedy company! The money has fogged the brains and there ability to understand what there customers want! The golden business rule – Customers rule! Wouldn’t it be nice to have Spotify integration or the new Beatport Radio? I know what your thinking…what if I don’t have WiFi….Offline Digital Lockers. Anyway for what its worth take a look at the D2 it maybe something you may find interesting or not. The following picture makes no sense and is just ridiculous! Take a sludge hammer to that cheap over priced mixer.

And of coarse the Video!



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