NI Teases New Traktor D2 Modular Controller

Update…no longer a Teaser. Check it out here

Traktor D2 Teaser or Looking for input?

Okay, while the rest of us were out at the parties enjoying ourselves and networking at WMC in Miami, NI slipped this setup in and started to cause a stir! Traktor D2? NI what is with the naming system? Where’s the D1? Anyhow lets take a look at this thing. The first thing that irks me is that NI is calling it a  Modular Controller? What did you call the X1 and F1? Now don’t get me wrong, I use NI devices and Traktor and I am in no way a Traktor Basher, but the only thing good about this picture is the Allen & Heath Xone 92. A positive thing that NI has realized since my last  POST is that the S8 is not going to win over enough users to keep it in production. As we see with the D2 in the picture it looks very unfinished and still in beta form (at least I hope they are still accepting refinements?) These units look as if they have been designed in a hurry…probably because of the backlash from the S8!

As pictured the D2 is basically one side of the S8 taking away one of the majors flaws of the S8, the over priced mixer section. Good start on their part. I can only imagine that we will see a 4 channel mixer shortly or at the same time as the D2 release! I think the lack of some sort of platter like control is still a downside but not a deal breaker as the X1 didn’t have it either.

The color screens are plus, but the question is when will NI incorporate software into their devices? As you can see a laptop is still needed and with it being so close, I always have a tendency to keep looking at the laptop screen by habit on units like these. The footprint of the D2 is not small as you can see so adding a couple of 1200’s or CDJ’s will be pretty big. They look to be about 8 x 14 inches and 1 -1/2 inch profile. Same screen as the S8 and same button layout except for the top right which is supposed to switch decks effectively having a 4 deck setup with 2 controllers. In my opinion the best controllers that implemented this was the now discontinued Denon Sc2000 paired with a couple F1’s and your good to go!

The lack of sound card built-in is a good thing for NI and user…NI can still make money selling the Traktor Audio devices and the user can still buy the mixer of choice DJM850/900, Db2/4, or Denon x1600 which all have cards as standard. So the Question remains HOW MUCH? Well knowing NI they will try to re-coupe the R&D loses on the S8. I can see them trying to selling for $399 but personally and I thing you’ll agree $299 or less is where it should retail. Any higher and you might as well get the Numark NV for $699 (which is a wildly fun controller by the way). I wish NI would consult the real end-user on this stuff we could save them a shitload of money! OH! and one more thing ……..why don’t they have a NI mixer here in the picture? Just food for thought!Kontrol-D2


I have included the set Uner uses the D2…watch closely

Traktor D2 Video -Uner Set

Native Instruments’ new Traktor Kontrol D2 makes an appearance at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Pictured here are two Trakor Kontrol D2s in Uner’s set-up.
Native Instruments has just shown a glimpse of its upcoming Traktor Kontrol D2 controller over at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. The Traktor Kontrol D2 looks like one side of the flagship Traktor Kontrol S8 without a mixer, and looks to appeal to folks who want the Remix Decks plus built-in screen plus touchstrip feature set without having to lug around a big controller. Native Instruments hasn’t set a release date and price at the time of this writing.
Based on the photo posted by Uner on his Facebook page, his set-up consisted of two Traktor Kontrol D2s, an Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer, and a Native Instruments external sound card for four-deck audio. It has four foldable rubber feet underneath the unit so you can elevate it to standard DJ hardware height. You can see it angled in the photo above and in the Uner video because only two feet have been propped. It’s also much larger than a Traktor Kontrol X1, judging by how it looks beside the Xone:92 mixer in the photo.
The Traktor Kontrol D2 will allow you to chain another unit to it so you don’t need an extra USB port on your laptop. You’ll need to connect the Traktor Kontrol D2 to a mains outlet (presumably because of the power draw of its onboard screen), and you can chain that too using the included power supply splitter cable.
Rear Unit
The Traktor Kontrol D2 comes with its own USB hub for daisy chaining other units. No sound card / audio connections present.
The Traktor Kontrol D2 does not have a sound card onboard. From the photos sent to us by NI, the only connections in the back are a power supply jack, a USB socket, and what looks like a two-port USB hub for chaining other controllers.
The Traktor Kontrol D2 looks very similar to what the right deck of the Traktor Kontrol S8 looks like, save for a few added buttons on the upper right of the Kontrol D2. It seems like you’ll be able to control more than one deck using it, although it’s unclear whether you can control all four decks in Traktor with just one Kontrol D2.
The modular nature of the Traktor Kontrol D2 means you can theoretically have Traktor Kontrol S8 deck functionalities with any hardware mixer of your choice, or as a complement to your existing Traktor set-up, whether it’s a DVS or a controller.
Native Instruments leaves jogwheels further behind
Kontrol D2 Remix Decks
The Traktor Kontrol D2 gives you the built-in screen and deck controls featured on the Traktor Kontrol S8. Shown here is Uner controlling Traktor’s Remix Decks.
By releasing the Traktor Kontrol D2, which we’re assuming will cost a lot less than the Kontrol S8 (though probably more than a Kontrol X1), Native is bringing the “#FutureOfDJing” downstream. Where the Kontrol S8 may seem out of reach for a lot of digital jocks, especially for cash-strapped beginners, the Traktor Kontrol D2 is another weapon in the armoury of widespread adoption of its jogwheel-less vision.

Removing jogs was a bold move by Native, but we wondered if the company might release a modular jogwheel controller soon after to appease “traditional” digital DJs. We had a dream set-up in mind that consisted of the forward-thinking innovations provided by the Traktor Kontrol S8 paired with the familiarity of some NI-branded jogs, with digital DJs living happily ever after in a hybrid kingdom of the “futuristic traditional”.
However, changing people’s minds about DJing is something that Traktor has been an advocate of since its early days (eg sync, Remix Decks), so the company is true to form here on that, but also another point to make is that a small unit like this is a much better bet for squashing into a crowded DJ booth than, say, an S8.


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