Mapping NI Traktor to the Xtreme!

Xtreme Mapping ??? The name says it all. I have been using this Traktor mapping editor software for a couple of years and recently they updated the software to be compatible with NI’s Traktor 2.7 so I thought I would post a small review for people not familiar with this software.

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Firstly, Xtreme Mapping is an app that will ease the pain of creating custom midi mappings for any device you want to map to Traktor Pro. Any device,any knob and any fader will be able to be mapped with this software! Pioneer users rejoice you don’t have to be stuck using Serato or some lame mapping someone created for themselves or better yet, try to map an entire device using the menu in Traktor Pro. There are several ways to create or edit an existing map, one is to just import an existing map and make small personal tweaks or modifiers. Next is the Mapping Wizard, basically just pick from the dropdown what you want to map and it takes you through a walkthrough of all the knobs and faders to be mapped by Midi learn. The Wizard drop down consists of Mixer (2 ch or 4 ch),Track Decks, Remix Decks, FX Group, FX single and Loop recorder. Each of these with numerous settings that pertain to each selection as well as Deck A,B,C,D for each. Using this can build a map for a entire device in a hurry. It will also breath new life into a controller that you thought didn’t have enough functionality.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.46.33 AMThe other feature that people have a pain mapping is LED outputs. Xtreme mappings has options to create your mapping using the IN/OUT option and will map both at the same time making you very efficient when building your custom map. In addition there is also IN option and OUT option if you choose to do separately…why would you?

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I think the bread and butter of this app has to be the copy and paste function (why NI has omitted this feature in Traktor is beyond me). The ability to duplicate entire decks and paste them saves so much time using it once pays for the app, it also saves a lot of frustration you would have encountered.

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The amount of mappable items is as extensive as you see inside Traktor right down to the Remix section and all its 64 slots….Xtreme makes it really easy to map especially when you can filter the view to see only the section you are working with. For example being able to see just the mixer section without everything else confusing you visually. If you ever wanted to make a Macro FX Knob (one knob or button that controls several FX at once) this app will make you a macro master.

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In addition to Midi, the app will also map the NI Traktor devices S2.S4,F1,etc.. (except the ill-fated S8-thats another story). Take note that after you think you are done, it will save to a .tsi file and you will have to load the exported file into Traktor to test. The only thing this app doesn’t do …is Windows! Unfortunately for Windows users it is Mac only.
Xtreme Mapping can be purchased only through the App Store for $7.99

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3 Responses to Mapping NI Traktor to the Xtreme!

  1. DJ Trigga says:

    To all is there a mapping for Denon Mc 7000 . The mapping that is on Denon web site for mc 7000
    Works but on the right side the play button and cue button and jog will not responded when pushed .. But on the left side A everything works fine . Right side B dose not work.. Not sure on how to map it .. Can someone help me out .. using Mac Book Pro running Yosemite Traktor 2.11 controller Denon Mc 7000

    • John Donato says:

      let me know if you find how !!! just got my MC7000 !! want to use my Traktor program not serato !! Frustrated !!! Thanx DJJD

    • admin says:

      hi Tigga
      you may have to open up Traktor’s midi area. There is Learn Button that you can use. Find the PLAY button in the command set and use LEARN as you trigger it. That should correct some odd mappings. is a good thing to have if you want to get started on mapping. unfortunately I have no access to a MC7000 yet or I would post a mapping for you. Good luck

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