Hey NI ….Here’s an Idea! Listen to Customers!



Okay to make things clear I am a Traktor user and Serato user and have been for a number of years. I must say it is a touchy subject with both clans chiming in wish lists. It reminds me of the PC/Mac wars only less violent:-) The question still remains will S8 bring down the Ship?  I’ve heard arguments that sound like this ” Traktor is for the DJ/Producers” “Serato is more of a Scratch/HipHop thang!” Is this not true for both?  I’ll go one step further and ask the DJ/Producer  crew…Shouldn’t Maschine be natively supported in Traktor?  How can Traktor be for the DJ/producer? Is it just because it has remix decks?  Now the Serato crew has had the luxury of having an Ableton Bridge that interfaces right in the Deck window. Isn’t that more producer like? Unfortunately, it hasn’t been implemented in SeratoDJ yet. These are uber important things that Native Instruments has dropped the ball on.

On the hardware side of it, I think it has to do with the fact that NI makes great hardware to compliment their instruments and production software. So why not make hardware for Traktor? They had a good response on the S2 and S4 except the quality was not up to what I would call German Design. Should I expect my next Audi made out of cheap plastic, come to think of it Berhinger is German too?The X1 and F1 can be excused because of there price point but are better built in my option. Which leads us to the question ” What where you thinking trying to compete in the mixer market” $799 for the Z2?  Its a 2 channel mixer that should be priced at half of that! A Rane TTM 56s is $50 bucks more or better yet the Allen & Heath Xone:23c or DJ tech DIF-1M  are priced at $399 and $299 respectively.

In all honesty, I believe the S8 is mistake on NI’s part. They should have capitalized on a modular system and even so pricing it higher than the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 is insane! The NI could sell containers full of S8’s if they were $899. And at the same time they should have released a single deck controller with display (minus the over priced mixer section). Perhaps call it and XF2! It creates a better enviroment for the DJ/Producer to grow and upgrade into. It is also clear that NI won’t be first out of the gate to use a software based controller but I would think that they are rushing to get one out now that Pioneer is releasing the XDJ-RX.

Perhaps NI will surprise us and get of the high horse before they end up in the mud!

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