Xone:DB2 USB3 patch

Hey DB2 Owners

This is a patch that disables the Usb 3.0 function of your mac and defaults your USB ports to USB 2.o. Speed shouldn’t be noticed to much. A&H tested and came up with mixed results…that being said, Try it out and test for yourself. Retina MBP may still be a problem due to the different USB chipset used. There is a Patch and Unpatch included so no worries. I have spoken to A&H directly and they are working on 2 other solution which should come to light in the near future. I hope this works for some as i can’t test every affected mac personally.

  1. Make sure Mixer is plugged directly into Mac if possible.

  2. Reboot after applying patch

**No Guarantee that it will work so don’t complain to A&H or me if it doesn’t …Just trash the folder and wait for and Official Fix**

Xone:DB2 USB 3.0 Patch (OSX)]


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