Aphex Twin wins 2015 Grammy Award “Electronic”


Finally! Some sense has come to these people selecting the winners of the “Electronic” category. Last week The Apex Twin releases 110 tracks FREE on an Anonymous SoundCloud account, and now he has won a Grammy. The Judges have finally taken the Mau5 googles off and realized that EDM doesn’t have to sound like a carnival theme song. The Aphex Twin aka Richard D James hasn’t released an album in since 2001 but judging some of the songs on the Grammy winning album “Syro” he has been busy. Being very humble and private I’m not sure he cares about the Grammy as much as some artists.

I believe we are now seeing a change in the Dance Music trend that occurs every 2 or 3 years. If we look back to see the transformation in genres and how they come to the forefront then get pushed back into a niche of the Electronic category.  To recall a few…Drum and Bass, Hardstep,Trance,Garage,Goa! but you soon realize the just are getting rebranded. Take for instance EDM, most of it sounds like EuroHouse reworked! With that being said the original billboard DJ, Tiesto, is now playing House!

The Apex Twin though is different, never swaying or getting influenced for outside evils staying true to the core. Not needing to brand himself like a billboard or hide behind a giant mau5 head! I can go to Disneyland for that! No, Richard D James is the real deal! Check out some early works below if you’re not familiar with The Aphex Twin.

The Apex Twin  – Quoth


The Aphex Twin – Digeridoo

The Apex Twin – Windowlicker

Fun Times!

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