NI Traktor hurting for users or in Battle Mode?


Did you receive the questionnaire from Native Instruments Today (Feb 5,2015)

Many believe that Native Instruments is in a little trouble spending far too much on R&D for the Traktor S8 DJ controller, which is not selling as well as expected. I for one think they made an epic mistake of not having the controller have built in software. The other mistake that has raised questions in the music industry is the absence of Native Instruments at NAMM 2015 which is the biggest music expo in the world. With Native Instruments isolating themselves from all DJ equipment manufacturers have left them trying to emulate an Apple Style ( own the hardware and the software ), it works for Apple because of the millions of followers like myself from the late 80’s. We believe in the products. Native Instruments just don’t get it!

They haven’t been creative in their product marketing…everyone knows Carl Cox isn’t going to use an S8 at Space Ibiza. We are a little more educated to know that you can’t just slap a name on a product and think we will buy it. Any DJ’s wearing BEATS to DJ? , of course not.

Serato on the other hand has been developing features to match Traktor’s. This year the licsencing Serato has been doing is mind-boggling! To name a few companies on board Numark, Pioneer, Denon, Gemini, Reloop, Akai, Allen & Heath all the big players except Native Instruments. With all these companies all on the Serato boat it’s no wonder NI is getting nervous and sending out questionnaires to find out “How are we doing”

What NI should have done is try to create a standard like the Pioneer CDJ. No one likes to lug a laptop to a gig, we just want to show up with a 256gb USB stick in our pocket! To create an all in one and not have a single units that have solid software running in them was a huge mistake. Every club and DJ have a preference for mixers and Traktor Mixer/Controller isn’t one of them….You have Pioneer, A&H and Rane, that’s it. All in one controllers are fine in the bedroom but more and more Dj’s are buying setups that rival the best club systems. My belief of the S8 backlash is that there is no jogwheels and DJ’s love the feel of touch. NI took notice that there was a shit load of X1’s  and F1’s sold ….Newsflash! We used it for the FX and Hotcues and it was $200! Asking us to spend $1300 for an all in one that isn’t built very well is insane. Take for instance the tank Denon released MC4000  for $399  or the Pioneer XDJ-RX $1500 both well worth the money and has it own purpose….Again the Denon using Serato and Pioneer going it alone with Rekordbox which is free I might add. Download Here

Never the less Native Instruments will use this information on the questionnaire and try to decipher where they went wrong,but I think Serato has the upper hand in the software dept. unless NI has an ace up their sleeve and decides to release a solid unit with Traktor built-in.



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5 Responses to NI Traktor hurting for users or in Battle Mode?

  1. Toto says:

    The questionnaire is not made for Traktor only. Where did you get your Intel that the S8 is not selling ? So you think a company getting feedback from its customers is a sign that they are not doing well ? What about Pioneer selling its DJ business ? Very poor article

    • admin says:

      Dear Toto.
      My article is based on NI’s Dj business not there VI business. That being said being I was able to confirm sales from 2 of the largest Dj sales companies in the US that the S8 is indeed not meeting sales expectations. Being from Hong Kong you probably don’t realize that the bulk of sales for NI is in the USA. My self being in the marketing industry, I am fully aware of what NI is doing with the questionnaire and that is to see what they are doing wrong. The millions spent on R&D to design the S8, Native Instruments will never break even because of companies like InDesign and Pioneer using Serato or there own software to flood the market. I haven’t even mentioned the market share that VirtualDJ has gained…thats another story! And unless you’re just a newbie to DJing and don’t know PioneerDJ got sold READ THIS I know people are thinking how can this be …Traktor is the Best! Truth be told, the only way NI will gain back market share, is if they greatly reduce the cost of their controllers to compete with Numark, Denon and Reloop. being that they are trying to be more like Apple,
      When is the last time you saw a Macbook Pro with a real discount? The real question for NI is, Do they stop there losses or loose money and compete with the Jones’?

  2. Jim says:

    “bulk of sales for NI is in the USA” I believe this may be wrong… I have traveled throughout the US and Europe… Most club DJ’s here in the US from what I have seen and heard use Serato. I am talking major markets, like New York, Miami, Detroit, Chicago, LA, Vegas etc. In Europe, every Dj I have encountered uses Traktor, with the exception of one.

    From what I can recall, NI sends this survey out every year. I just checked out my email and say quite a few surveys from them.

    Is Serato doing some cool things? Absolutely! I think native instruments is going after the producer/DJ market, which in the very near future will be the new breed of entertainment. I am sure Serato is targeting a different type of DJ… I am not really sure who… I don’t follow them.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jim
      NI needs the US market share to survive! I agree Serato is installed everywhere and comes bundled with most major brand controllers. I am a Dual user both Serato and Traktor but I have been a Traktor User for !0 years and this is the first survey I have ever received. As far as Europe I tend to agree in some areas like Germany and France tractor is more prevalent but in England and Middle East and India Serato and VirtualDJ is seen more often. As far as Native Instruments going after the Producer/Dj you would think they would Bridge Traktor and Maschine or any Daw as a instrument slot. Its not like they are new to the rodeo. Serato has been able to do that for a few years with Ableton Bridge to Serato, as well as Imageline’s Decadance having both the ability to use VST’s and be a VSTi. My concern with Traktor is that its not good software. It is the Hardware division,it has been over valued.The R&D costs vs the sales ratio will never balance due to the saturation of the DJ market in the upcoming year. NI has missed the boat with the S8 by not having built-in software, Pioneer is releasing the XDJ-RX with rekordbox built-in,and the release of the XDJ-1000. Numark is basically screwing the S8 with NV and Denon is still coming to party later this year.And the fact that Denon is coming out with a Seratp DVS Club kit. Allen and Heath making the DB2/4 mixers Serato compatible….The list goes on…Dont get me wrong I like Traktor i just think they are making an epic mistake by trying to go A La Carte.
      They will still make great producer software and hardware but with lose DJ market share and be less adventurous with there hardware. Remember TraktorDJ grew because of licensing to hardware vendors before they made there own.

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