Electric Daisy Founder Pasquale Rotella: ‘We Don’t Want to Book’ Superstar DJs Anymore 

Electric Daisy Carnival founder Pasquale Rotella has made it clear he is already bored of booking the worlds top famous DJs.

Insomniac Events
Insomniac produces some of the most innovative, immersive music festivals and events in the world. Enhanced by state-of-the-art lighting, pyrotechnics and sound design, large-scale art installations, theatrical performers and next-generation special effects, these events captivate the senses and inspire a unique level of fan interaction.

Throughout its 20-year history, Insomniac has produced more than 250 festivals, concerts and club nights for nearly 4 million attendees in California, Colorado, Florida, Mexico, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Texas, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom. The company’s premier annual event, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, is the largest multi-day music festival in North America, attracting 400,000 fans over three days in June 2014.

The company was founded by Pasquale Rotella and has been based in Los Angeles since it was formed in 1993.

“We don’t want to book the [big] guys”
Our strategy moving forward is we don’t want to book the [big] guys

Pasquale Rotella

“Our strategy moving forward is we don’t want to book the [big] guys ” Pasquale Rotella said on the “An Agent and Five Promoters Walk Into a Room” during the 2nd day of EDMBiz; A two-day industry conference hosted by his Insomniac Events.

I don’t want to be a promoter. My passion is not selling tickets and making money. I want to create an experience. You don’t need to book the big acts who sell out arenas.

Pasquale Rotella

Rotella seemed to look down on the 2012 summer’s list of mainstream DJ fronted festivals and tours, featuring EDC headliners like Afrojack, Avicii and Kaskade.

“Tours are a new concept for DJs,” he said.

“The Swedish House Mafia show at Madison Square Garden was pretty awesome, but there’s only going to be a handful of DJs who can pull it off.”

An audience member asked about the 3 most important elements of having a successful party, Rotella responded with

The right venue, the right team, having a good relationship with the city you’re in.

Organizers of electronic music festivals and EDM events are eagerly waiting for the day EDM fans don’t need a famous DJ or artist as an excuse to have fun.

Last summer, Pasquale Rotella was famously quoted saying

[the fan] is the headliner

Unfortunately fans don’t have the courage yet to let go of mainstream EDM DJs and explore the underground EDM artists. Not like the way they do when a well-known mainstream DJ is on stage.

This is why the mainstream Top 100 DJs on TheDJList and DJMag will make the EDM bubble explode.

Soon fans will realize they have been tricked by promoters and agents. They will wake up from deluding themselves into buying the next famous DJ’s songs that they haven’t even listened to only because a promoter convinced them the DJ is a “The next #1 Top 100 DJ”

The time has come to end all the EDM hype we created.

It expands uncontrollably until it blows up, despite being filled with nothing.

Some day, that empty space will be filled with meaning. But for now, it’s filled with Facebook likes, Soundcloud Plays, YouTube views and Twitter followers.

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