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 Avid’s Pro Tools the leading Industry Audio mastering software has announced that they will release a FREE lite version of their flagship software in the spring 2015 ( read ….April or May). The software will be called Pro Tools First and looks to compete with Garageband and Ableton Intro. First will allow up to 16 channels of Audio and also come with Xpand!2 Virtual Instrument software and comes with over 20 Effects , Sound processor plugins to get started with. Avid states that additional plugins will be available for cost of a Starbucks coffee ( I’m guessing a Venti Mochaccino). So if your strapped for cash and can’t afford a Full version of Ableton or Logic this is for you. Also to note that a Cloud service will also be included with a 3 session limit ( in app purchase for more? ) so you can use and PC or Mac with Pro Tools First installed and pick up we ever you left off while your at a friends house….no need to lug the laptop or usb drive with you!



Source: Pro Tools | First

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