Hardcore, you know the score: British rave pioneer Mark Archer revisits two decades of fast-paced mask hysteria. Where were you in 1992?

It all could’ve turned out so different. If the record company had simply put the name Alienate on the record like Mark Archer and Chris Peat had wanted… Well… Actually, you get the sense that these two rave heroes probably would’ve ended up dressing in gas masks and chemical suits anyway. Their frenetic, era-defining tunes like Activ-8, E-Vapor-8, or Frequency demanded it. Archer and Peat got their start on a deeper tip as Nexus 21, but soon developed Altern-8 for their ridiculous, fast-paced rave tunes that were aimed squarely at the bass bin. In 1992 they concluded a remarkable run of quick and dirty tunes that captured the spirit of the time. That same year Peat even ran for office (as a member of the Hardcore (Altern8-ive) party, of course). By 1994 the duo parted ways, but Archer continues on, preaching the gospel of hardcore around the world


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